(A poem from my mother who I lost tragically almost a year ago.)

Here we go again, another poem for you

I am still proud, of all the things you do

Now you are all grown up, a family of your own

I am happy for you, so why do I feel alone?

Bringing me a grandson, what a treasure this is

Making new memories, that will someday be his

I am here for you, wishing I could do more

Like hugs and holding you, or just shopping in a store

We all move on, with lives of our own

But memories with you, are the best I have known

I hurt when you hurt, I cry when you cry

I try to reach you by looking in the sky

But the clouds get in the way, and the stars are too bright

But I think and pray for you, each and every night

This may seem funny, but really it’s true

Without you my daughter, whatever would I do?

So look in the sky, move the clouds and the stars

And you just might see me, looking for you from afar.


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