Let me introduce you to Cash.  He is our three-year old son.  He is the youngest of the four.  Most days he is utterly delightful, like the time he said “my daddy is my best friend”  or this morning when he yelled out “only daddy can say bad words”.Or how every morning when he wakes up he says “good morning sleepy head”  with a big smile across his face.  He is my most care-free child and usually goes with the flow.  However he is three and where as two-year olds act out because they do not know how to express their frustration three-year olds act out because they are trying to test you. When he was two he was just learning new words and wasn’t able to say  “shut up butt head” to his grandfather nor would he would he hit people on purpose.  Now when he wants to show he is upset about something he will pull back his little hand, make a fist and lash out to anyone in his way.  He  will shout out a brief warning consisting of “I am mad and I am going to hit you” while his hand is in motion.  If you are lucky you may be able to dodge the hit.  Now I know you might be thinking we allow this behavior and if we punished him he would stop.  Except if you have a three year old you should know things do not work like this just yet.  He is so terrible that when he threw the grape at the lady at the super market the other day because he thought she looked like she really loved grapes I apologized and she responded with “you have your hands full, I am so sorry” .

Yes my son is pretty terrible at times but no need to apologize.  I still love him more than anything in this world!  When he is not screaming, hitting or throwing stuff he is the sweetest kid ever.  He  tells me he loves me all day long and makes sure when he gets a snack that he gets one for everyone in his family to be fair.  He considers others feelings and often gives up toys to his four-year old sister just so she won’t cry.  He is learning to be independent and how to stand up for himself.  He is testing his boundaries and learning what is acceptable and what is not. And, with all this being said I will continue to keep reminding myself he will turn four in eight months and  I will  patiently hold my breath as I wait for the four-year old hidden under that adorably evil smile to emerge!


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